Journey on a Comet’s Tail – NOW AVAILABLE


Paradise Winds LIVE at the Musical Instrument Museum

Paradise Winds LIVE with MusicaNova Orchestra

Paradise Winds LIVE at the Musical Instrument Museum for I Am AZ Music presents Classical Revolution PHX

Paradise Collective LIVE Special Guests of Fountain Hills Chamber Players

Paradise Collective LIVE at ASU Second Sunday Concert Series


Live Beneath Stained Glass by Jackie Myers Band with Paradise Winds – Available NOW from CD Baby!


Original Commissions for Reed Quintet or other ensembles

Bill Douglas
Graham Cohen (with support provided by Max & Nina Gurin Foundation for MusicaNova Orchestra)
Deborah Kavasch
Theresa Martin (with support provided by Arizona Wind Symphony)
John Marvin
Robbie McCarthy
Kurt Mehlenbacher
Tom Peterson
Joel Puckett
Kincaid Rabb
John Steinmetz